What to expect when working with a social security disability lawyer

When dealing with the complexities of filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, it is important to understand what to expect when working with a SSD lawyer. SSD lawyers are knowledgeable professionals who can help you navigate the process of applying and appealing your disability claim. This article will provide an overview of what to expect when working with a SSD lawyer.

Initial Consultation:

Your initial consultation with Social Security Consultation City, MD SSD lawyer is usually a free service. During this consultation, the lawyer will review your eligibility for SSD benefits and assess your chances of success. The lawyer will ask you questions regarding your disability, income and work history. He or she will also review any relevant medical records and any other evidence you can provide.

Preparing Your Claim:

Once you and your SSD lawyer determine that you are eligible for SSD benefits, they will begin preparing your claim. Your lawyer will work closely with you to ensure that all the applicable medical records and other evidence are included in your claim. Your lawyer will also review and possibly amend any existing documents that may be used to support your claim.

Filing the Claim:

Once the claim is ready, your lawyer will file it with the Social Security Administration. Depending on the state in which you live, there may be additional steps required to complete the filing process. Your lawyer will ensure that all the necessary forms are completed and submitted.

Appealing the Decision:

In the event that your SSD claim is denied, your lawyer can assist you in appealing the decision. Your lawyer will work with you to determine the best approach to take in order to increase your chances of success. This could involve filing an appeal with the Social Security Administration or seeking a hearing with an administrative law judge.

Representation at the Hearing:

If you decide to pursue a hearing, your lawyer can represent you before the administrative law judge. Your lawyer will be able to present evidence to support your claim and will be able to cross-examine any witnesses who may appear at the hearing.

Negotiation with the Social Security Administration:

Your lawyer can also serve as your negotiator when dealing with the Social Security Administration. Your lawyer can help you negotiate a fair settlement that is in your best interests.

Payment of Fees:

Your SSD lawyer will likely charge you a fee for their services. The fee structure and payment terms will vary depending on the lawyer and the type of service provided. It is important to discuss the fee structure with the lawyer prior to signing any documents.


However, it is important to understand what to expect when working with a SSD lawyer. Knowing what services are provided and how you will be charged for those services can help ensure that you make the best decision for your specific situation.