Fix your vape pen if not working after charge

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After charging your vape pen, it is common to have it stop working. This is usually because the battery’s life has been depleted and needs to be recharged or replaced. It may take a few minutes of charging before the device can be used again, so make sure you are patient. If your vape pen not working after charge for an extended period, there may be a problem with the charger or battery.

The following steps will help you fix your vaporizer:

-Check that your charger port is clear and free from any debris such as dust that could potentially interfere with charging. Remember to use the charging plug that came with your vape pen.

-Check that your charger is working by using it to charge a different device.

-Check that the battery contacts are not damaged and are clean so you can be sure the vaporizer is charging correctly.

-If nothing else works, consider purchasing a new battery and charger or replacing your vaporizer altogether.

vape pen not working after charge

The most common reason for a vape pen not working is the battery dying. This will most often happen after a lot of use because it’s not made to last long. To fix this, charge the device until it is full, turn it off, and let it sit overnight until the battery gets fully charged, which can take anywhere from 4 to 24 hours. If you do not get your pen working again in that time, there is something wrong with your charging port or battery, and you may want to replace both of these parts. If this doesn’t work, consider buying a new unit.

If you see a message on your vaporizer that says “Low Battery,” make sure your batteries are not entirely dead and there is still enough power to let it work. To check this, try charging them for at least a few hours. If the battery is new and doesn’t work, then there is something wrong, so consider buying a new unit.