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It is drug which is a combination of two different drugs that are amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Most commonly used to cure the ADHD and narcolepsy. Sometimes doctors also prescribe this drug to treat bipolar disorder and depression. Many studies show that Adderall helps in increasing the ability to focus and concentrate. It also helps the people to be awake in day time. It is always better to understand about the drug which is used commonly.

How to use this drug

  • Do not take it if it is not prescribed by the doctor. And make sure when you buy the drug from pharmacist, you read the complete medication guide provided. If you have any doubt about it is better to consult your doctor before taking the medicine.
  • As this is in the form of tablet, you can take it from your mouth and follow the timing as told by the doctor. Do not take more than what is prescribed by the doctor. Usually the first dose has to be taken in the early morning.
  • Each patient dose may differ based on the condition of the patient so follow the instructions given by the doctor and use them regularly to get benefits out of it. Most of the people forget to take their medicines, so it is better that you take medicine at a particular time on daily bases so that you will not forget about it.


  • It is advisable to visit doctor as per the schedule is plan, because the doctors might try to change the dose or stop the usage of the medicine to check if there is any change in the person and to decide if the medication is further necessary or not.
  • Most of the time the doctor reduces the dosage level instead of stopping it at a time. So that the person may get affected because of the sudden stop.
  • Once you notice improvement because of taking the medicine regularly, do not try to increase the dosage by yourself thing that it will help you to cure fast or reduce the dosage of taking the medicine assuming that your condition has improved a lot. It may worsen the situation and you might have face consequences of it.
  • And never continue the medicine once it is advised by the doctor to stop. Because using it for long time may not work as desired.


Hope this information clears all the doubt regarding how to use the drug.