How is a vinyl floor installed

Vinyl flooring is so simple to install that you can completely change the look of your home in just one weekend. The method of installation depends on the type of product chosen. In the case of vinyl rolls, the usage and size of the room can affect the method of installation. For more information on how to install a vinyl floor and how to prepare the subfloor, see the dedicated installation page.

How to clean and maintain a vinyl floor

Vinyl floors are not only designer surfaces and easy to install, they are also simple to clean and maintain. All Tarkett vinyl floors are covered with a special surface treatment that makes them resistant against stains and scratches, facilitating cleaning operations luxury vinyl plank flooring in florence ky.

Find out more about how to clean and maintain your vinyl floor.

Can I install a vinyl floor in any room of the house?

Yes. Thanks to the properties of durability, water resistance and ease of installation and maintenance, vinyl floors can be installed in any room of the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Vinyl floors: the advantages of the alternative to ceramic

We are used to seeing and using vinyl flooring much more than we are used to talking about it or hearing about it. In fact, every day we find examples of this in a multitude of places. On the train, on our way to work, we put our feet on a vinyl floor. At the hospital, floors of the same kind are almost always laid. Or in schools and we could go on further. In general, the rationale behind the use of this product is its low cost and ease of installation, factors which, together, make it very economical. However, over time the manufacturing technology has improved and we have come to have results of important quality, so much so that vinyl floors have also been installed in living spaces.

What is vinyl?

We often hear about it, but perhaps we never got to know what it is.

To be precise, therefore, let’s say that the floors are made of polyvinyl chloride, also called vinyl chloride . This is the product of chemical industrial processes and processes. The abbreviation normally used is PVC. The circumstances in which we find vinyl in everyday life are many: The music discs known just as “vinyl”

The sheaths of the electric cables , completely impermeable to water

The pipes of the water systems

Sheets for the construction of various types of roofing

Doors, windows and fixtures in general

But, in our case, what interests us most are precisely the floors .

The production technology is now at the forefront and the results achieved are of quality.